How it works

All who participate are encouraged to pick a regular time (i.e. once a week) to teach or experience a re-Ratify Project activity. Starting from the beginning of the Preamble, we will make our way through the entire Constitution, paragraph by paragraph, until all participants have not only read the entire document, they truly understand it as well.

Through the use of puzzles, games, role-playing activities, and so much more, the re-Ratify Project will provide simple solutions to teaching difficult material so all can enjoy the process and remember what was taught.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “What is the difference between the Ratifier Package and the Founder Package?”
Answer: As far as content is concerned, both packages grant access to the Ratifier Curriculum which goes through all of the Articles of the Constitution. See the question below for more on the Founder Package.
Question: “How does the Founder Package give five people access to the Ratifier Package?”
Answer: The whole premise of the re-Ratify Project is to teach families, classes, and communities about the Constitution. When a person buys the Ratifier Package, only that person has access to the Ratifier Curriculum. If a person decides to recruit four other families or classes to go through the Curriculum with them then they should buy the Founder Package. This allows five groups to split the cost of the package, resulting in only $70 per family as opposed to $235.
The one purchasing the Founder Package will get instant access to the Curriculum, plus they will have four separate Founder Codes E-mailed to them. These four Founder Codes are to be individually E-mailed or given to the other four families that are chipping in to purchase the Package. With an unused Founder Code, a person can log in to the system and redeem their code on this page. There will also be a link from the page where users can purchase packages.
Question: “I bought the Ratifier Package and I LOVE the Curriculum! Can I upgrade to the Founder Package to split the cost and share the Curriculum with others?”
Answer: Absolutely! Upgrading from Ratifier to Founder will cost $115 (the difference between package prices) and then the four Founder Codes will be sent to you.
Question: “Can I use the Curriculum in my classroom?”
Answer: Of course! The license agreement allows one teacher to use the Curriculum in his or her class. Multiple teachers in the same school will need to purchase additional licenses, one for each teacher (get the Founder Package for that!)
Question: “I’ve discovered an error on the site; how do I tell you?”
Answer: We hope to avoid having any errors, but we are human and do mistype things on occasion. Please inform us by sending an E-mail to and we’ll take care of the problem.
Question: “I’ve got a great idea for how to improve one of the activities. Would you like to hear it?”
Answer: We’re always looking for ways to improve our products! We encourage our users to leave comments at the end of each lesson, listing changes they have made, how it worked with their group, and any other useful information that may be pertinent. We always appreciate a nice “This lesson ROCKS!” comment as well.
Question: “Do I have to go through the Curriculum lessons in order?”
Answer: Hey, once you’ve purchased access to the Curriculum you can go through it in any order that you wish! We have tried to design it to go in order of the Articles and Sections, and some lessons build upon lessons covered previously, but you are free to adapt the order to your Ratifiers’ needs.