What is the re-Ratify Project?

Play. Understand. Appreciate. Remember.

Enjoy learning the Constitution through the use of inspiring object lessons, competitive games, and engaging activities! Designed for all ages, the re-Ratify Project invites each person to study the Constitution of the United States of America line by line in an active and fun way. Referring to the words of the Founders primarily in the National Convention, Federalist Papers, and state ratifying conventions, the re-Ratify Project seeks to educate Americans on the Principles and Values enshrined in the Constitution, along with the Original Intent for each Article and Section.

The re-Ratify Project is an online curriculum designed to teach about the Constitution through numerous lessons. Participants are called “Ratifiers” as they are taught to “re-Ratify” each part of the Constitution in their own heart and mind. Intended for families, school classes, or neighborhood groups, the re-Ratify Project is written to the parent, teacher, or group leader with instructions for how to prepare each activity and a script for use in teaching Ratifiers. Activities and games are constructed from common household items to facilitate quick, easy, and inexpensive object lessons.

Easily customizable to the age, size, and maturity of any group, the re-Ratify Project promises to be a wonderful learning experience for all involved. Please visit our Become a Ratifier page to see the various options for purchasing packages and get started on your re-Ratifying today!

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