Constitution Carnival

Imagine a Carnival...
…where all games instruct guests in the ways of Liberty. This particular carnival, sometimes referred to as Constitution Hall, does just that.

Welcome!The aim of our Constitution Carnival is to teach the six purposes of the Constituion as described in the Preamble to the Constitution. Participants will leave knowing not just what the Preamble says, but what it means. They will leave better prepared to defend our Constitution.

Guests are to be greeted at the entrance and given a form which has the Preamble to the Constitution printed upon it. The form has six blank spaces which are to be filled in at each of the six stations. Each station teaches a principle outlined by the Preamble through the use of a game or activity. The activity is then used to explain WHY the Founders chose to include that principle in the Constitution. Guests find the blank on their paper that corresponds to the station they are at and fill it in with words from the Preamble, further committing the Preamble to memory.

Filling in the spacesUpon completing the first five stations, guests will come to the check-off booth where they will be encouraged to set a “secure the blessings of liberty” goal and recite the entire Preamble to their guide. They then receive a pocket copy of the Constitution to take home and study with their family.

Welcome!By purchasing the Constitution Carnival package, you will receive access to the information required to hold a Constitution Carnival in your town. You will receive scripts for the host at each station to use, quotes from the Founding Fathers that correspond to the principles being taught, and downloadable documents to let you print out the forms needed by each guest.

From preschool age to adulthood, new patriot or Constitutional scholar, everyone will enjoy this family-friendly experience!

Many thanks to those who have already held a Constitution Carnival in their neighborhood!

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Constitution Hall volunteers