About Us

The re-Ratify Project developed out of a prayer. We knew that the Constitution would not be saved in Washington, but rather in the homes and hearts of people throughout the land.

Our own journey of reviewing history, reading original works, and coming to know the thoughts of our forefathers had us falling in love with America. Not just in a geographical location kind-of-way, and not in a biased pride for an exclusive group of people, but in an idea that came forth and that was intended for the world over. It is a story of love, of deliverance from bondage, of protection, prosperity, and peace; it is a story that extends hope to all of God’s children: It is a story of becoming. And a story that people can’t help but fall in love with when they experience it themselves.

When you flee oppression, escape tyranny, overcome obstacles, or rise above darkness, you never want to go back. And you hope that your posterity will follow in your footsteps and never allow those things to creep back into existence. So much was sacrificed on our behalf!  How do we keep from losing all that was gained?

Through remembering.

We, all of us, can be a part of the re-Ratify Project. We just need to know what it means to ratify something, as important as the U.S. Constitution, anew:

Uniting with those who have gone before us, we can assert that We The People do, in fact, ratify, support, sustain, defend, believe in, and, yes, remember, the Constitution and everything that led up to its conception.