Become a Ratifier

It’s time to re-Ratify the Constitution!

What do we mean by that?

Planted in the hearts of our forefathers was the conviction that, with firm reliance on Divine Providence, men could truly be set free.  They believed in rule of Law, God’s law; which stated that men could, and should, govern themselves.  And that each individual would be equally accountable to the law.  No nobility, special treatment, or unrighteous dominion.  Rather a law of equality was established, and tyranny abolished.  A constitution was formed to ensure that others, especially government, could not infringe on our God-given rights.  Thus a nation was born of kings and queens, no one person being placed above another, so long as the people:

  1. Kept the 1st (and 2nd) great commandments to love God and to love your neighbor, and
  2. Remembered that with kingly rights for all, came kingly responsibility (that’s right… for all).

Over the years Americans have endeavored to live up to these ideals, but while great strides were made on some accounts, we clearly have seen the opposite take place, including a full affront to our inspired Constitution and the liberty mindset.

Far from our original handbook has our nation strayed.  What is to be done?

It’s time to recapture in OUR hearts, the vision of our Founders….  Enter the re-Ratify Project!

It isn’t enough to know the Constitution was inspired, we have to KNOW the Constitution.  Make it a personal thing.  Thus, we are calling this experience “Know Your Constitution.”  And what better way than to work, and yes, PLAY, your way through every section of the document.  As mastery of each line (and the why behind it!) is gained during the activities in Know Your Constitution, participants highlight that line signifying that they understand it, and have the wherewith to defend it.

We invite you to join the re-Ratify Project, know Your Constitution, and help spread liberty throughout all the land!


Sign up before Aug. 31 and get your materials in time for Constitution Day (Sept. 17)!   Late orders (after midnight on Aug 31) will be taken through Sept. 6 but will cost an additional $10.


Pilot details

How it works: four-months-plan

Each family who would like to participate in the pilot will receive the Know Your Constitution curriculum at a HUGE discount!  In return they help build “Know Your Constitution” by providing valuable reviews.  We need your feedback!  Each and every review will be used to improve “Know Your Constitution” and prepare it for a big launching in the months ahead.

Pilot participants commit to do the following:

  • Participate in the pilot for the months of Sept-Dec 2019, completing the Project before Dec. 15 (In honor of the anniversary of the Bill of Rights’ ratification… suh-weet!)
  • Set apart about one hour, twice a week to experience a re-Ratify Project’s Know Your Constitution lesson (an example schedule is shown on the calendar to your right).
  • Conduct a quick debrief after each lesson via our simple survey form.
  • Confirm completion of the course, upon which we will place a Ratifier’s quill on the map for your city.
  • Complete a final review/survey at the end of the course.

What do I need to know to teach the “Know Your Constitution” curriculum?

Know Your Constitution will walk mentor and student, alike, through each section of the Constitution.  Activities, focused on principles, will communicate the Founder’s reasoning behind the wording they selected.  Whether you have studied the Constitution in depth or are tackling the subject for the first time, you will be well equipped to make your way through the document with flair.

“Know Your Constitution” was written with family in mind.  That means all ages are considered and can be included in every activity, though most families will probably choose to wait until the majority of their children are at least eight or older.  That said,  “Know Your Constitution” lessons are easily adaptable to whatever age group you choose to gear them toward.  Want to approach the Constitution in a way that the little ones can get excited about?  “Know Your Constitution” can do that.  Want to go deeper with your youth, or even adults?   “Know Your Constitution” can help you with that too.

The activities for each lesson are written in script format to simplify execution on the spot.  However, don’t forget that discussion is essential to the learning process!  Always teach by the Spirit for where the Spirit of the Lord is, THERE is Liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17).

What materials will I need?

“Know Your Constitution” makes use of general items you’re likely to already have lying around the house, or items that can easily be substituted with something you do have handy (for a glimpse of what we mean, click the “Know Your Constitution” Tab to see lesson photos).  The only exception might be food items you may choose to use as treats in certain lessons (but you can change those to something you already have too).

You’ll want to have normal school supplies available (ie: pencils, scissors, paper, etc.). Make sure you have highlighters to mark your Constitutions (A printed Constitution will be provided in each student’s packet).

Find a binder to put your curriculum in once it arrives (about 1” wide) and a folder for keeping student handouts in.

Anything beyond that will be sent to your home by Constitution Day (Sept 17).  This includes enough copies of hand outs and activity pieces for each participating family member, already prepared and printed out for you!


“Hey, look, it’s me!”

You could have your pictures in the final product!  Families who are interested in having their pictures/videos included in the final curriculum are invited to send them in.  These will be used to enhance the lessons and serve as visuals for future participants.

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What happens after the pilot?

Once the pilot is complete and feedback is gathered and implemented, the re-Ratify Project will be taking the “Know Your Constitution” curriculum to a new level.  Those who participated in this refining process by teaching and debriefing lessons will be among the first considered to host Liberty Camps across the country (this position will be compensated!).  But you don’t have to plan to host one to be a part of the pilot.  If you are passionate about Liberty and want to have a blast learning the Constitution with your family, join us this fall and become a Ratifier!


Register now for the pilot program and your whole immediate family can get in on the entire ratifying experience for only $79 (+$7.50 per additional student packet needed)!

$79 – Registration cost for those serious about giving feedback includes a Teacher packet, the Amendment Reference book, and 1 Student Packet.  Additional Student Packets will need to be ordered to have enough packets for each participating family member):

$75   $47.50 – Teacher Curriculum packet containing a full-color, hard copy of the curriculum
$35   $25 – Amendment Reference book; (one is automatically ordered for the teacher, but additional copies can be ordered at the discount price)
$7.50  – Student Activity Packet containing the printouts needed for the activities; order one per student (If you have 6 students, order an additional 5 student packets since one is already included with registration)

During this pilot we are offering an expedited schedule (lessons conducted 1 hour, twice a week) that allows the curriculum to be completed in one semester as opposed to two.  We will be collecting your feedback during this time.

Interested in the pilot?  Willing to complete a survey for each lesson, and at completion of the course?


Sign up before Aug. 31 and get your materials in time for Constitution Day (Sept. 17)!  Late orders (after midnight on Aug 31) will be taken through Sept. 6 but will cost an additional $10.

Questions? Email us at

A form, similar to this one, will be provided for you to fill out at the end of each lesson. The debrief survey is short, designed to not take up a lot of time. You simply answer the questions with your honest feedback, then hit submit.

A form like this one will be provided for you to fill out at the end of each lesson. The debrief survey is short, designed to not take up a lot of time. You simply answer the questions with your honest feedback, then hit submit.